Volunteering for veterans

Hi my Name is Alan Mc Cracken

I am a 20 year U.S. Navy veteran. After becoming bored with retirement I looked for something meaningful and exciting to do. Asia was a place I loved and V2T in Thailand seemed to be the best place for me.After six months with V2T I am sure it was one of the best decisions in my life. Raimund was enjoyable to work for and I can’t say enough good things about the other volunteers I worked with, all of which will remain very dear to me the rest of my life.

I worked with volunteers from Philippines, USA, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, U. K. , France , Vietnam Nam and Sweden. It was a very awakening cultural experience. Then there was the Thai people. What an experience that was! The villagers were welcoming, honest and very generous with the little they had. Wonderful, happy people that celebrated everything life has to offer. The children were my favorite part of volunteering.

Friendly, happy, loving and very proud of their foreign teacher. Eager to learn and with discipline and respect that is uncommon in the western world. A big piece of my heart will always remain with my students. The local Thai teachers were very pleased with my presence and helped me through any difficulty I encountered , scholasticly or culturally. They will also be a lifelong memory. I will always have the feeling that I learned more than I taught, received more than I gave and will forever cherish the time I spent there. I also had the opportunity to travel and see many beautiful sights, not only in Thailand but also in Laos and Cambodia.

I helped in construction, painting, obtaining building materials, class trips and other school functions. There was a lot of growth in the organization during my time there and I am proud to have been a part of it. This would be a great way to spend some of your time if you are retired and still feel the desire to do something that is exciting, adventurous and fulfilling. I now consider V2T, all the volunteers I worked with and many local people as family.

If you have any questions around these subjects you are always welcome to ask me, just contact V2T for my contact details.

Volunteering for Veterans
No matter what your volunteer interests may be, there's a role you'll enjoy. Whether it's driving the Tuck Tuck, teaching at the schools, being good friend and advisor for young volunteers, grocery shopping or running errands for volunteers in your community, doing repair work, yard work or doing costruction, there's a need you can help fulfill. I was 6 months with Volunt2Thai and enjoyed it. If you are a social person and would like to work with children and young people from all over the world, I highly recommend Volun2Thai.

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