You are on the way to become a teacher?

Hello my name is Jurgen Verbist,

at my time with V2T I was 22 year old and student in my final year of a bachelor degree physical education teacher in Belgium, studying at the University College Leuven-Limburg in Leuven.
I was in internship for ten weeks in the different schools of Ban Lao with the purpose to teach (psychical education) and to learn to adapt to a new environment, culture and children. It think it is necessary for a teacher to always improve and abroad his knowledge but also spread his knowledge and internship is one of the last parts for graduating.

There have been a few reasons why I was interested in the project. The first reason was to learn about the visions of the schools. My vision of teaching begins with focusing on the process the students go through and not the product of their knowledge and abilities. I aim to open the minds of my students by showing that there are different ways of looking at things, that it is important for the student to grow and be aware of how they are growing.
The second reason was that I wanted to learn the different approaches of teaching and the effects of the different cultures on the students. I wanted to broaden my horizon and skills as a future psychical education teacher and I think that the project in Ban Lao was the best for me to learn a lot of these things.
The third reason for helping with the projects was the social aspects of the whole internship. There are a lot of opportunities to engage with different groups of people, children, teachers, volunteers and locals. I am a very social person and I am very excited to talk, learn and engage knowledge with these groups of people so we can grow as individuals helping each other and creating new friendships. Values such as helping, talking and having fun with other people so we can grow and expand our horizons, are highly regarded in my life.
I am a very motivated person who is always flexible and able to adapt to certain situations and environments. Through my studies I mastered new didactical approaches around teaching physical education, such as focusing on the process of the students, including new methods to evaluate knowledge and skills. This covers also physical and mental care and approaches for the student, while taking care of differentiation for every individual.
If you have any questions around these subjects you are always welcome to ask me, just contact V2T for my contact details.

You are on the way to become a teacher?

You absolve a teacher training course? A pre-service teacher training course leading to a professional qualification a qualified teacher status, like "Lehramtsstudium in Germany" or "PGCE Teacher Training course? Complete your teacher orientation or internship at V2T in Thailand. V2T can sign Educational Agreements with your university / College. As an intern, you can gain initial pedagogical experience or expand your existing knowledge in one of the primary schools we work with! Your key task is to assist local teachers in teaching. If you already have previous knowledge, you can even manage your own class.

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