Overview Projects at V2T

Volunt2Thai Campus & Cultural Centre accepts:

single induviduals, couples, families and groups / classes / all ages (from 18 - 80) if you are under 18 talk with us exceptions can be made. We also welcome Volunteers with disabilities. If you are not sure, always ask.

If you need an official certificate. V2T Vienna is state-licensed association and can sign MoU's, educational agreements, certificates volunteering / internship with your educational institution, but also our local "Sister Schools" can sign such ducuments. (in the Framework of our Sister School Competence Center)

Below you will find a list of our standard activities. V2T is an open project platform, we are always interested in creating and developing projects according to the skills offered by the volunteers for the good of the society. If you can not find any activity according to your abilities please contact us and ask us, we do not want to miss a chance. We are always open for new suggestions/ projects/ activities.

Teaching English at school

Teaching Sports at School
Teaching the children computer
Teaching Art & Craft Classes
Teaching Music
All kind of Social Projects
Thai Cooking Classes
Agricultural Projects
VT2 Pottery and Clay Studio
Spend some Time in the Temple
More about Group Volunteering

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