A Rewarding Medical Internship in Amphoe Phen

Medical projects,

Phen Hospital is hospital located in Amphoe Phen, in the North East of Thailand. This hospital has the following wards:
- Emergency Room (8 beds)
- Operating Room (1 mayor room, 1 minor room)
- Labour Room (8 beds)
- Male ward / Female ward (both 30-40 beds)
- OPD (where they register patiënts and admit them into the wards)
- Thai Traditional Medicine (practice Thai massage, herbal medicines and accupuncture)
- Physiotherapy room
- X-ray Room
- COC team (homecare)

Phen Hospital does not have an ICU ward, so when patients are in need of ICU treatment, they will be referred to Udon Thani Hospital by ambulance (30-45 minutes away) This hospital also has got no CT-san so if a CT – scan is indicated a patient will be referred to Udon Thani Hospital.

Your tasks as a nurse in Phen Hospital depend on your skills and experience as a nurse. The nurses are willing to teach you or help you with anything. Your main tasks will be:

- Checking vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, temperature, saturation)
- Checking blood sugar
- Distributing medicines (including IV – medication)
- Giving IV treatment
- Giving first aid after for example traffic accidents
- Giving a urinary katheter
- Taking blood samples
- Giving Injections
- Taking urine / stool samples
- Taking care of wounds
- Stitching wounds
- Giving oxygen therapy
- Assisting at delivery room
- Teaching the staff some english
- Exchanging your experience with the Thai nurses

The challenges you can experience in this hospital are the language barriere. Most of the nurses speak some English, but only a few of them speak real good english to understand what’s going on. Learning the Thai language might help you to understand more of what’s going on in the hospital. All of the staff is willing to help you practice the Thai language. Besides that you have to realise that they have their own way of treatments and that they are used to treat patiënts this way. It might be different to what you learned in your country but try to open up fort heir way of treatment and experience the healthcare of Thailand. But don’t worry, they also want to learn from your experience.

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