Teaching the children computer

You study, electronics, electrical engineering, information technology, informatics, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronics?
We work hard to support the schools and establish the best ICT equipped classrooms in the region. However, many schools don't have adequate teachers. Volunteer computer teachers are needed to teach basic to advanced computer skills to students at all age levels. This may involve lessons from simple keyboarding to challenging computer programs. Basic skills would include computer knowledge such as: sending and receiving emails, using the internet, word processing software, spread sheet software and social media.

A volunteer computer teacher would be expected to cover the basic responsibilities of any teacher such as: creating lessons plans; evaluating student performances and the giving out of projects and assignments. They also may be expected to take part in developing and updating the curriculum. In addition, they may be asked to help facilitate research and hold supervisory or organizational responsibilities.

V2T has built STEMSEL Inventors CLUB Thailand
Teaching the children in the poorest area of Thailand programming a microchip, this sound nearly impossible, but now we can since V2T is partner with STEMSEL Australia. Stemsel is an artificial word derived from the first letters of Science Technology Engineering Math’s Social Enterprise Learning (STEMSEL) Stemsel Inventors Club @ eLabtronics uses a unique language to talk to microchips , to make the programming of microchips simpler so that primary school students in developing and developed countries can use their creativity to Design Build and Program their own micro-controller projects. Get more information of STEMSEL Inventors CLUB here http://www.stemsel.com
How Children can Program a Microchip?
With STEMSEL eLabtronics invented a revolutionary technology to make the programming of microchips simpler, to a level primary school students can use their creativity to Design Build and Program their own micro-controller projects. With STEMSEL, imagination is the only limitation. Anyone can use their creativity to Design, Build and Program their own micro-controller projects.
Target is the World Without Poverty
Digital STEMSEL (Science Technology Engineering Maths Social Enterprise Learning) Club is a not-for-profit organization run by university students from fields of engineering and business that is dedicated to teaching the next generation about building blocks of modern economy, ie microchip applications and programming, with strong emphasis on Social Enterprise Learning.

With the help of Stemsel Inventors Club @ eLabtronics V2T supports people who aspire to be Social Business Ambassadors to start micro-enterprises in Thailand to reduce poverty.

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