Agricultural Projects

Ecological Projects

Volunt2Thai is well integrated into the local community and the village council. As a volunteer you accompany a thai farmers family in their daily routine. This would include harvesting, sowing, fishing and many other seasonal activities like construction and crafts.This is a physical demanding task and the working day is long. The farmers have a very broad understanding of the nature that surrounds them and the sustenance that it can provide.

Your help supports the community and their families. In return, you will learn traditional knowledge from the Thai farm about house and field, garden, farmland, forest, culture and family, passed on for centuries. The Thai farmers themselves are your coaches, some at an advanced age with knowledge acquired over a lifetime.

Examples of agriculture and construction projects

  • Construction of buildings
  • Carpentry, interior
  • Preparation of charcoal
  • Seasonal emptying of fishponds
  • Working at the rice mill
  • Create tools
  • Agriculture and land care

Kitchen and herbs

  • Processing of own products
  • Vegetable and animal origin
  • Search and processing of bushfood (bush food)
  • Create spice garden
  • Cook Thai food/Cooking methods
  • Conservation methods
  • Introduction to Natural Remedies of Thais


Create Tools/Apply Tools


  • Peasant handicrafts, household items, use tools
  • Build and provide tools for hunting and harvesting incl. traps
  • Tools for the harvest and landscape management
  • Tools and containers for storage and preparation of food
  • Metalworking
  • Welding
  • Repair work
  • Maintenance work

Work in the rice mill

  • Milling of different varieties of rice
  • Explanation of the operation
  • Preparation of the falling products to animal feed

Work for charities 

  • Volunteering at the local temple embellishment and maintenance work with the villagers
  • Preparation of festivities
  • Working with children, games, language

Farming and land care

  • Introduction to the costs incurred in the work involved in producing agricultural products (plant and animal origin), such as fish, poultry pork, rice, sugarcane, rubber plantation and fruit.

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