Teaching Sports at School

Sport Projects
We are surrounded by a few little villages, where there are a total of 6 schools with children aged from 5 to 12 years old. We would love to offer them sports classes of 90 minutes per day maximum -two times 45mins for example- and we could only offer one school per day, so you would teach in a different school every day. Most of the kids here are strong and physical since they are used to playing outside or helping their grandparents in the farms.

Often the parents do not live with the children so the grandparents are the ones who take care of them. The problem is that they do not know how to use this strength and are surely very talented, with a lot of potential. That is why we need someone to enhance their predispositions and allow them to make progress and blossom. Their talents have to be developed and supported.

The sport you offer can be anything you can think of, any type of physical activity. Team games are ideal in order to have everyone participate or relay races, gymnastics, football, volleyball, baseball etc… But keep in mind that our resources are limited, we only have a volleyball court, some gym rings left from a previous sport teacher, and many wide grass fields.

You must be innovative with the little resources we have for you here, creating games and sports without any tools or infrastructure. You could also bring some small pieces of sport equipment as a donation (eg: a baseball bat) that you can leave for the kids when you leave. You must also take into account that depending on the seasons (raining seasons or heat waves) there may be less possibilities to practice sport with the children everyday.
Sports volunteers need passion to get people moving in good spirits and making sure everyone can be part of the moment. You need the ability to make fast changes in your plans, but also find a way to communicate without being able to use the same language, maybe even just using a clear body language. You need to be able to spread your passion and enthusiasm for sport through your teachings.

Especially for kids, you must be able to include fun in your classes, creating a sense of concentration and being fully present in the instructor’s role that you’ll be playing. All kinds of experiments in this area are more than welcome; even if it demands you to work in an uncertain environment maybe under a little pressure, then let this be an opportunity for you to learn something too!!

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