V2T Vienna/Austria - first international hub as part of the project

V2T Vienna/Austria - first international hub as part of the project,

We are very pleased about the positive development as a result of our efforts in Austria. Volunt2Thai supports free volunteering for young people and adults, thereby making an important contribution to development cooperations between nations and foster international mutual understanding (natural and economic).

The Association will put its resources in the assistance of students, but also education for adults, e.g. vocational training, public education. In addition, the association aims to collaborate with private industries and universities to contribute to science and research in these areas.

Volunt2Thai offers its members free internship and volunteering. Members will gain free training within the project framework before they master the forthcoming tasks as Volunteer in Thailand https://web.facebook.com/VereinVolun2ThaiWien/

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Free medical internship at the local hospital

From now on Volunt2Thai supports free medical internship at the local Hospital, we can rejoice at how far we've come!

Today Franziska from Germany started her internship at our local Hospital in Amphoe Phen. This Internship is free and available to all high school graduates who are thinking about studying medicine and all who are waiting for a place at university for medicine because of numerus clausus, but also for students who wish to complete a patient care traineeship please apply here.
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Agricultural Training Centre

Mrs. Somphorn Mung Moon President of the newly built Agricultural Training Centre Tao Hai in Phen Udon Thani and Raimund Wagner (founder and project manager of Volunt2Thai) agreed to let V2T volunteers take part of their training programs.
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It precedes. Many Thanks!

Volunteers doing a great job, they come from foreign countries to support and teach the children. They are high educated have good manners and want to help. Besides the free teaching they already need to invest for the plane ticket and for the food. We really wish that we can support the helpers and be able to provide free accommodation for them. Voluntary helpers are the most important for us and students have only a little money.

Free accommodation will help to ease their stay and to get more voluntary helpers for our project, please support, and donate, if we all help together our project can grow.

Thanks to donors, the accommodation for the volunteers will be further expanded. It precedes. Two windows were able to be purchased. We still need a door for the bathroom, also an entrance door and other additional material.

The first volunteer could already move in here with the start of next month, but we run out of money and maybe need to stop first. Please donate we fighting against time.

You can donate using paypal (Donation To Us) without delay. 5, 10, 20 Euro are helpful.

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Free accommodation for volunteers projekt

This is Mr. Em he is 36 year. Father of two children in the age of 3 and 8 year. He is a hard working man. We pay him a fair price from your donations. Unfortunately he have to work alone because we can only pay one man at this time.

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