Decemeber 2021 School Partnership Lengerich/Tecklenburg

Hurray! The establishment of a school partnership between the Comprehensive School Lengerich/Tecklenburg and the Ban Nong Kung School in Thailand has started! ❤🙏😊

Dear Conny nice that you have helped with your video to make the start! Also many thanks to teacher Nock who works tirelessly and full of love with the children. Rejoice with us and visit the website of the comprehensive school Lengerich/Tecklenburg to read the whole article!

We are very happy about this beautiful development at the end of the year 2021 and look forward to the coming years! They will certainly be exciting, educational and full of interesting experiences, for both sides. Also very dear greetings and thanks to Germany, dear Britta Wirth. It is wonderful to see what you are moving with your initiative! Thank you very much !!!

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