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How Global Inc., Hands on the World Global (USA) Uniraid UniRaid/UniLaSalle (FR) and Volunt2Thai (TH/ AT) together with Plant for the Planet (DE) and Ant Element (NLD) strive to leave the world a little greener for the next generation!

Water for the Project "FOOD FOREST"!

The actual "Food Forest" project will start when phase 1: artificial irrigation is secured, (it needs a solar-powered pump, price about 2000 euros / deadline end of October 2021) Because after the rainy season here comes the drought! To allow trees to survive in this stony and sandy soil, fertile soil must first be created. The most important thing is water. At the beginning, water must be pumped from a depth of about 40 meters and then the soil must be organically improved. --- Want to donate a tree? More info here:

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