Volunt2Thai Cooperation with FORTUNA-MEDIA

V2T is very happy about the new cooperation with FORTUNA-MEDIA,

FORTUNA-MEDIA Agency for Film and Art, creates DOCUMENTATIONS, REPORTS, ART FILMS on the highest level which are shown internationally in cinemas and film festivals. A film has been shot in THAILAND, The name may not be released yet! The film deals with the topic of society and culture and will be shown in selected art cinemas in Germany, Austria and Switzerland at the end of 2020... Volunt2Thai as an art and Culture Centre in Thailand is allowed to contribute its expertise as an interpreter for Thai language and Thai culture and will translate the film into German. Volunt2Thai strives to help the poorest members of Thai society, the children, with a focus on imparting knowledge for the next generations. We therefore take on this task with the greatest responsibility and are very happy about this important task.
About FORTUNA-MEDIA: (In our films the people are in the center of attention, their thoughts and feelings and what moves them. We want to look behind facades and backdrops and penetrate to where the soul lives. The rhythm of the pictures and the editing adapts to the people and not vice versa. We want to tell stories that life writes.

A colourful team of passionate film and television makers develop film projects from the idea to the completion. This includes theme finding, research, conception, shooting and postproduction. Good teamwork and serious examination of the material is a major concern. We try to stay close to the things, not to record an event, but to pass it on with all possible authenticity and passion. Reality should be felt, even if it is far away, whether geographically or thematically. We understand reports as diary entries of life. In this way, we want to tell the shocking and the exhilarating, the sensational and the everyday, the worth knowing and the familiar in a cinematic way. Reality is exciting enough, the filmmaker and his artistic ambitions are merely spectators and companions.


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