Construction of a Forest Canopy Walk

We are very happy about the cooperation between UniRaid - Institut Polytechnique UniLaSalle (France) and Volunt2Thai. In cooperation an elevated nature trail with "tree house" will be installed. The project budget is provided by actions of the students of UniLaSalle. The students of UniLaSalle carry out fundraising activities throughout the year (e.g. daily sandwich sales and food sales at school events).
The installation space is 30 x 30 meters.
3 fully grown evergreen trees, (12 meters +) are planted in a triangle. A walkway connected to the trees in the shape of a three-pointed star is to run along at a height of 250 cm. A nature path will be built between the trees with a "floating" pergola. The trees themselves will not be touched or damaged but will be supported by a steel structure which will also support the "bridge".
There will be stairs or ladders as an ascent to the walkway. In the middle of the sidewalk there will be a raised pergola. As in a museum, natural cycles will be explained (pictures on the ceiling). In the middle, where the pergola is additionally supported on the root or tree trunk, a permaculture garden will be created as a further project, which will be irrigated by an irrigation system under the floating pavement. Gravel will be scattered around the plant. Later on there will be sitting places provided which invite visitors to rest.
At this natural place you can observe the life in the trees (it will be full of life for sure !!) Birdhouses can be installed. The treetops can be further cultivated (parasitic plants). A will be a cool and very beautiful place to relax, a natural public park and place of exchange will be created to the already existing structures.
It will also be a natural playground for children, a "monkey house" to let off steam with climbing facilities such as rope rings, ladders and swings,
a "child heaven"
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