Public stargazing at the Volunt2Thai Campus

We'd like to thank Mr. Frank Paesler (Germany) from Astronomie für Alle (Astronomy for everyone).

"no light pollution on campus"

Astronomy are very closely related to physics and mathematics, opening up new insights. Astronomy is part of the natural sciences and concerns us all. The realization that the universe is our home and our planet Earth on which we live is our little island of life, which existed even before we as individual persons were born, is an important part of our mind development even if we need a lifetime to recognize these facts and to count them together.

It is an important part of our personality development to better understand who we are and where we come from. Astronomy teaches us the meaning of time (our lifetime a window of generations) and space (our habitat) but also the understanding of big and small. That is why it teaches us also what is important and unimportant.

The children and people of our region have never seen an astronomical telescope before, so we are very happy about the donation from Mr. Paesler.

Years ago I had been active in astronomy myself and now I would like to take some time to refresh this knowledge and share it with the children. Astronomy is a complex subject it will take me some time to reorient myself. I will also have to learn to use this "new" astronomy instrument. Because there are different ways of telescope design. In the past I learned with a schmidt cassegrain telescope. However, this telescope is a Newton telescope, also called a Newton reflector. It is a kind of reflecting telescope invented by the English scientist Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727). So I think it will take a few more weeks until we can use the telescope for the first time with the kids. But if there are any hobby astronomers in our area who know how to handle this instrument well, I invite everyone to join and organize stargazing evenings with the children in advance (this also applies to future volunteers)

Best regards to Germany, thank you Mr. Frank Paesler for this wonderful present which is priceless to us.

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