Nathanael Jean - Philippe NPH Agency - Documentary Film

We would like to thank Nathanael Jean - Philippe,

a French professional photographer and videographer who generously supports our project and the people of Ban Lao Area with documentary video production together with his team of camera and photography assistants Theo Maxence from Martinique Island and Laura Française from Guadalupe Island.

We at Volunt2Thai, who have supported the schools and children of Ban Lao Area for 7 years in English and General Knowledge for free, are infinitely grateful that NPH Creative Media Direction supports us with media (video, short film, interview, photos, and also social marketing).

An empathic person can recognise and understand the thoughts, emotions, motives and personality traits of another person. Nathanael Jean - Philippe is a master of his trade with a very strong empathy. He is a very gifted artist and has the willingness and ability to empathize with other people's attitudes and feelings, which is reflected in the films and images he produces.

Our work and actions are documented by NPH, and supportive content is created for the continued success of our project. Volunt2Thai urgently needs this help to achieve more visibility on social networks, which will result in our organization being highlighted in the eyes of most people. As part of this project, we have also conducted mini photo workshops for children where they can discover a new world of photography.

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