V2T Family volunteering 2019

Take a holiday combined with volunteer service with your family at Volunt2Thai,

We, the Wagner family, the project operators have ourselves 7 children in the house (3 of them our own) aged from 5 months to 12 years and their cousins and cousins.

Our children and the children of our volunteer families have fun with V2T, (actually all children) because they all have a lot of friends in the schools and also the V2T Campus is a mixture of adventure playground and vacation on the farm.

The campus, the project, the people in the village, the children in the schools create beautiful experiences and memories. All around is nature, the campus is in the middle of a rice field with adjoining forests and meadows. In the stable and on the meadows you will find chickens, pigs, cows and water buffalos.

Also the volunteers who come to us are here because of the children in the schools, and therefore also your children are in good company. There are of course learning materials and many games, (from pedal cars to roller ping pong tables, bicycles, board games, Lego, musical instruments are all available) this material is generally used in the schools and for the volunteers but of course your children can also use the materials (they do anyway when they play with our children and their friends on campus).

The campus is large and very spacious of the total 24 sleeping places we have 2 family rooms. These are simple but adapted to local needs. There are large terraces connected to the rooms and the children have plenty of space to run out.

A drive to the market to the shop to the restaurant, temple or sports field can bring variety and is very interesting. For the transport there are either bicycles, 2 tuck tucks, a car, a motorcycle. You can drive to the schools or explore the area.

On weekends you can make great excursions. Every now and then we also organize excursions together with the other volunteers.

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