Anita, 4 years later I am mega thrilled

For the second time I visited the project Volunt2Thai, Raimund and his family.

4 years later I am mega thrilled how the village has grown. With so much love and small details it has become a beautiful place or meeting place. I like how artistic every house is designed. Hammocks invite you to hang out, where you can just hang out and read a book. The volunteers have the possibility to enjoy cooking time for themselves or with each other. To allow the culture to have an effect on you, because who visits the project, experiences so much.

What excites me is that the children now have an opportunity to meet after school where they have a great time together, the children were musically busy when I was there. What invited me to just listen. It fascinates me how something so great came into being out of an idea. For everyone who comes, now even with family, it is a great insight into a completely different culture. Raimund is always open to new ideas and strives to put everything into practice. It was nice to see how enthusiastic he was when he and the kids played golf.

Thank you for this great moment.

Anita Schmidt 

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