Project „Pottery for Future“ education for street children

V2T always thinks how to develop V2T campus and the villages around the campus including all the children who live here and the schools around to offer our children a better future.

Now we defined a new goal for 2018 an 2019.
What is it?   A pottery and art station for the children of V2T
Where is it?   Situated on the V2T Campus & Culture Centre Ban Lao Area / Ban Nong Kung
What do we have to manage?  Concrate an area of 8m x 8m (about 26 ft x 26 ft), a roof, no walls, an open room, bricked storage room
equipment for the station:
potter´s wheels, kiln, matching tools, colours, material to get started
How much will it cost?  Including the building (art station)  € 8000,-
How long will the implementation last?  Till full in operation – 2 years

This project is ment to reach universities and educational institutions to increase our cooperations. Also volunteers, who love to work at arts and craft shall be reached with this project.

Help us to realize this dream with your donation!
It hasn´t to stay a dream, it can get reality, that the children in the area of our influence have a future beside living on the street.
Since we already got a bigger donation we could order two potter´s wheels yet.
Our ”Space of Art” shall become an attraction for the Kids living in our area and a destination for visitors. Art is able to give self-confidence to the children. Schools in our area will be part of the project and Art and Craft will be a fixed part of the curricula at this schools.
We want to create the opportunity of a professional future for the children giving them specialist knowledge and thus the opportunity for economic development of the area. Our dream involves to attract day trippers and thus create jobs in the villages. At the end the project shall bear its costs on its own.
This project can become something really great and will increase the development of the children and the area. Step by step there will arise an centre of art (Suny Shilpa) – pottery is only the beginning, more art styles and crafts will be added. This will be interesting for guests and visitors and the area will become more busy.
Getting more and more attention reports about V2T will be released and our recognition will increase. Thus we will offer the products of our art and crafts station and the project will bear its costs on its own (social business). 
Costs to get started amount to € 8000,-.
Transferred to a number of 1000 children during the next 10 years this means € 8,- per child.
A better future “Pottery for Future” for only € 8,- per child. 
If you want to help to realize this project please donate.
Feel free to contact me.
Best wishes
Raimund Wagner 
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