Big Christmas Party for the Children

Thanks to the Austrian companies #Biogena and #IKUNA, V2T Village will have this year at the 22. of December 2017 for the first time a big Christmas party for the children and with the children! Please consider the date and support with your presence. If you want to bring yourself in with additional projects, programs, christmas gifts, etc. please start your plannings now and let us know! That time, the new building should also be available .... so we will have a lot of space to host the visitors and arrange activities with the children. Until now we plan to have games and activities, life music, (someone can play guitar and sing christmas and fun songs for the children? please let us know!)

Besides this we will also arrange presents for the children (about 150...packages) it will be schools uniforms and hygiene products writing materials, but also cookies) everyone is invited to support this wonderfull event and the preperations. Food and soft drinks will be served .... the V2T village will be decorated christmas like ... we also have a Christmas Tree (help is appriciated) Please come with your ideas ... it is supposed to be a groundbreaking event and everyones support is very welcome _/i\_
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