November 2022 - V2T / Uniraid Club House Café now open

We are very happy to announce the successful completion of the cooperation project between Uniraid UniLaSalle France and Volunt2Thai Austria. The end of construction and the opening took place on October 26, 2021, the start of construction was in May 2020. It is great that the children and young people accept the offer and come to learn and practice English 🙏😊❤

A wonderful cooperation has developed between Uniraid - Institut Polytechnique UniLaSalle and Volunt2Thai and we are looking forward to the projects in the coming years. We thank the team of UniRaid from Unilasalle, and we THANK Dr. Otto Zeitlberger, we are you and unspeakably grateful for making this possible together.

The installation area of the upper covered terrace is 8 x 8 meters at a height of about 4 meters. All around, 3 mature trees were planted in a triangle. In front of it, an all-purpose stage, 6x6 meters with stairs was built to be able to hold various events. Gravel was scattered around the facility and a garden was also planted. Later, more seating will be placed to invite people to linger.

A cool and very beautiful place to relax has been created, a place of exchange has been created. There is also a service, there are pizza, various snacks, milkshakes and smoothies to pamper visitors and guests. 

Thank you to the UniRaid team from Unilasalle, and THANK YOU Dr. Otto Zeitlberger, we are grateful to you and unspeakably grateful that together you made this possible.

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How Global Inc. Hands on the World Global (USA)!

How Global Inc., Hands on the World Global (USA) Uniraid UniRaid/UniLaSalle (FR) and Volunt2Thai (TH/ AT) together with Plant for the Planet (DE) and Ant Element (NLD) strive to leave the world a little greener for the next generation!

Water for the Project "FOOD FOREST"!

The actual "Food Forest" project will start when phase 1: artificial irrigation is secured, (it needs a solar-powered pump, price about 2000 euros / deadline end of October 2021) Because after the rainy season here comes the drought! To allow trees to survive in this stony and sandy soil, fertile soil must first be created. The most important thing is water. At the beginning, water must be pumped from a depth of about 40 meters and then the soil must be organically improved. --- Want to donate a tree? More info here:

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It continues with the tree house, we have a lot of plans!

In 2020, thanks to the UniRaid team from Unilasalle, Institut Polytechnique UniLaSalle France (which kicked off the construction), we had started building the tree house. Then COVID 19 intervened and so there was a break for now! We were looking for a way to get out of the problem and finally in 2021, thanks to the initiative of a very dear supporter and co-founder of Volunt2Thai, the construction of the tree house, which was stopped by COVID, will be continued.

Much thought was given to how to adapt the unfinished structure to the original idea of the tree house and to refine the already made investment. Not a single cent donated so far should be useless, many people have already put a lot of love into this project. COVID will be history in a few months. We look positively into the future want to see not only many children on the campus but also many people. Like the years before, we are ready to receive volunteers and visitors from all over the world. That is why we are now creating a special place here, a "distinctive landmark" for Volunt2Thai which invites guests to sit and rest.

It will be a cool and very nice place to relax, a wonderful place for community sharing. But also the children will be able to do their homework here in the afternoon with the help of free internet and of course they can seek support in foreign languages. Indeed, we are very happy about this wonderful turn of events! It is wonderful to see that now, despite all the difficulties, the project can continue. Heartfelt thanks to all supporters! We will keep you informed about the progress of the project in the coming months. Thank you!

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“Leading Through Others” Program EDP participants + facilitators team

Despite the COVID 19-related restrictions, work has continued diligently online for the last few months. Ant.Element, one of our valuable partner organizations, is an international social enterprise that implements social projects worldwide with long-term impact.

Ant.Element had recently brought Volunt2Thai as a topic and example in a management course in Portugal. The task of the course participants was to evaluate Volunt2Thai on strengths and weaknesses.

We from Volunt2Thai would like to thank Ant.Element. We thank you not only for naming Volunt2Thai but also for sharing the elaborated results with us.


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Creating a Food Forest at V2T Campus & Cultural Centre

At least 2 /3 of the forest in our area has also been destroyed in the last 10 years. The trees had to give way to rice and sugar cane, there was an extreme amount of illegal deforestation. Much wildlife has been lost and is threatened. What is left are very few refuges and food for rare wildlife and plants. Volunt2hai would like to counteract this and give the children additional lessons on nature conservation. It is about the reforestation of 1.5 hectares of forest on the ground, which is owned by our project. This forest should not only be a green lung and provide cool air while dry season but also provide food for animals and people

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