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Hanna Härkönen
V2T Ambassador Finland
Weitere Informationen:

Hi, I am Hanna, sawadee kha everyone!

Finlands V2T Head of Communications speaking here! So if you are living in Finland and have questions about V2T please contact me – I'm more than happy to help!

About me: working with children is really close to my heart. I love to research culture differences for example in behaviour, nurturing and sports habits. I have several years experience in working with chlidren. I've teached diving and gymnastics based classes for kids and youngsters. In Volunt2Thai project I teached bodyweight training (mixed mostly gymnastics and parkour) for kids in five different schools. And may I say – those children were amazing! I was amazed.

V2T is not a place for volunturism, it's a place where you really get to work in a project. Your ideas, energy and motivation are more than welcomed, cus there is lot to do. If you like challenges and problem solving then this is exactly the place for you! If you want to learn more about those things and many other things too, then I recommend this project for you. What you really need is to have open mind, ready-to-go-mindset and flexibility.

One thing I'm sure; you will love the place and the villagers. After your stay you will see things differently in your life, it gives you perspective. Even though you go there to help and give, you will get even more. This experience made a huge impact on me. It's very real and honest life in there. And Raimund has done good work with the V2T village, it's really cosy.

To contact me go to https://web.facebook.com/V2TFinland
Website: https://hannaharkonen.com

- Hanna :)