V2T Team

Jim Norman Egan
Volunt2Thai Ambassador Schottland
Galashiels Scotland
Weitere Informationen:

Hi, my name is Jim,

I feel genuinely privileged to be chosen to represent Volunt2Thai as their 'man in Scotland' and I look forward to welcoming my fellow countrymen and women to the V2T project here in Thailand. After a career in the British Army at SNCO level I lived and worked in Germany and Scotland, travelling a little here and there. In 2014 I visited Thailand for the first time and immediately fell in love with the place. The people are polite and respectful, tolerant of others whatever their race, colour, religion or sexuality. The street food is almost Michelin Star cuisine accessible to the masses, and of course the weather permits a pleasant outdoor lifestyle all year round. However, Thailand is still a developing country and poverty is evident everywhere, especially in the rural Northeast of the country. Seeing filthy, hungry kids sleeping rough on the streets of Bangkok for the first time was a shocking and life changing experience for me. Most of these children faced a future of crime, prostitution and exploitation. Then by chance, I met Raimund Wagner and learned about his good works with Volunt2Thai. With his volunteers Raimund's objective is to steer the village children towards a better future through education, general knowledge and exposure to other peoples and cultures. This project makes a huge difference to the lives of these children and their families and if you only ever decide to do one good thing in your life, do this. Your life will be enriched by the experience and I defy anyone to leave the village at the end of their stay with a dry eye. Please check out the website and feel free to contact me for further information on volunteering. I hope to see you soon.