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Irene Klaassen
V2T Ambassador
Miscellaneous Information:

Hi I am Irene Klaassen,

I am V2T Ambassador for Holland. So if you are living in Holland and have any questions about V2T please contact me – I'm more than happy to help!

In the past few years I’ve discovered the beauty of travelling. I went backpacking a few times and last year I decided to follow my dream to travel to South East Asia for 6 months. Because I wanted to experience the real life abroad, I decided to participate in Volunt2Thais project and started working in Phen Hospital.  Currently I am working in hospital and homecare in the Netherlands as a nurse.

My experiences with Volunt2Thai:
I started working as a nurse in Phen Hospital, which gave me the opportunity to get to know the Thai healthcare and local nurses. It was a unique experience in which I've learned a lot about myself. Staying in the village was a nice experience to get to know the Thai way of life and was like a warm family. Participating in this project has learned me a lot about the Thai culture and also a lot about myself.

I warmly welcome you to become a part of the volunt2thai family and I'm sure you will enjoy this adventure!
Don't forget: The purpose of life is to live it, taste experience and to reach out with no fear

contact: https://web.facebook.com/V2THolland


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