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MacDonald Lewis Swan
V2T Ambassador
Miscellaneous Information:
Hello world!

My name is Mac Swan and I am from Blacksburg, Virginia in the United States of America. I am a student of history at Virginia Tech in my hometown. I have taught in Ban Nong Phong School and assist Raimund with office and editorial work. I am V2T Ambassador for Volunt2Thai and work to secure volunteers, funding and professional relationships in the US and around the globe for the betterment of the Volunt2Thai community, and the world as a whole.

My goal is to bring the Volunt2Thai community into a beneficial and lasting relationship with higher-education and the international world that will have a lasting, positive effect on the local community. By establishing permanent English language education in the pre-k through high school levels, a computer lab in the middle and high schools, we hope to give the students an education that will allow them to effectively compete in the modern world, while still respecting local language, norms, cultures and traditions.

We hope to give and gain new insight by working with the local Thai agriculture training program and hospital as well. I am currently finishing school and working on launching the American branch of Volunt2Thai. After becoming an official non-profit NGO in America, we will be able to link Blacksburg, Karlsruhe, Vienna and Ban Nong Phong in a professional capacity that will allow further openings in the avenues of education, exposure, recruiting, funding and other types of support.

VOLUNT2THAI IS NOT A BUSINESS. IT IS AN AID PROJECT. “The World is my country, all man(woman)kind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.” – Thomas Paine
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