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  • Volunteering is charity work, not a business. VOLUNT2THAI Project is not a corporation, it is a non-profit project, an initiative, a charity. The Project is run by volunteers from Thailand and from all around the world, it is initiated and executed by the villagers, the local schools, local authorities in collaboration and guidance of the Volunt2Thai Austria association. 
  • Volunteers on site, regardless of the work they accomplish and the responsibility they take over, do not have the legal status like employees of a business.
  • As such, they are not entitled to any kind of insurance coverage nor to any equivalent service or commitment, in particular medical insurance, from VOLUNT2THAI Project. Volunteers contribute to the Project at their own risks and have the legal status of tourists.
  • In terms of responsibility regarding the volunteers, VOLUNT2THAI Project is a group of tourists who decide to do activities together. No tourist from this group takes any legal or formal responsibility for the other tourists of thegroup.
  • In particular, if a volunteer get injured on the site while working for VOLUNT2THAI Project or get sick during their stay at VOLUNT2THAI Project, VOLUNT2THAI Project is free of any responsibility or financialduty.
  • Any costs issued from accident or sickness during the stay at VOLUNT2THAI Project are covered by thevolunteer.
  • VOLUNT2THAI Project is not responsible for any loss or theft occurring during the volunteering period, including on site. It is the responsibility of the volunteer to take care of their belongings. VOLUNT2THAI Project offers the possibility to keep passports and other very valuable items in its safe. However, this option does not bind VOLUNT2THAI Project to any kind of responsibility in case oftheft.
  • VOLUNT2THAI Project recommends to its volunteers to have or to contract an adequate insurance covering their volunteeringperiod.

At the moment, our focus is supporting schools by teaching English. There is an overwhelming need for English teaching. But we also need help in other areas, such as farming, gardening, carpentry, medical service, etc. We can assign and discuss different tasks for you according to your knowledge and interests.

You have to be a flexible and proactive person. It would definitely be a plus if you have education background or experience in teaching, medical service, agriculture, carpentry, but it is not a must.  It will be an advantage for you if you can ride a bicycle, motor bike or drive a car, given that the public transport is not that convenient here. However, it is not a must either.

Your expectations should be…...

  • starting your days at around 6AM, and end at 9PM

  • flip-flops are the second best friend of your feet, the very best friend is all kinds of natural ground

  • mosquitoes, spiders, lizards, geckos, frogs, ants and other unknown insects will be your friends

  • sweat with mosquito repellent spray will be your new perfume

  • enjoying a shower with cold water out of a water tank using a bucket

  • The accomodation is bordering on luxurious, with flushing toilets, running water (from own bore well), comfy bunk beds and electricity

  • there are doors at bathrooms, but a working lock is not a must

  • low or no internet connection, especially when it rains

  • different species in your classroom, e.g. dogs

  • ever-changing timetable and schedule. Plans and organisation skill are inapplicable in Thailand.

  • a decent cup of coffee in a coffee shop may take you a two-hour drive round trip, but you can make your food in a very fancy Thai kitchen just built

In return, you might …...

  • have the most motivated students ever

  • have a lot of first time experience, like, construction, farming, or swimming in a fish pond

  • boost every single beat of your acting potential and creativity for communication

  • be able to be a member (or little celebrity) in the village

  • take pictures with clear blue sky and green grassland without using any apps at all time

  • become a semi-professional sunrise photographer

  • know volunteers from different countries and have a couch to sleep on when you travel in the future

  • do homemade facial masks together

  • spend your nights under starry night watching fireflies and waiting for shooting stars

  • be able to test how much a city person you are

  • be able to know more about yourself

  • learn to be more grateful to your life

Our project is located at 48/1 Moo 5, Ban Nong Phong, Tambon Ban Lao, Amphoe Phen, Udon Thani 41150, Thailand. Ban Nong Phong is a 20 minute drive from Amphoe Phen, while Amphoe Phen is around an hour drive from Udon Thani.

Coming from Chiang Mai or Bangkok
Take a flight or bus to Udon Thani. From the airport or Bus Station 2, take a Tuk Tuk to Rangsina Market (outside Udon Thani town). When you are there you take the GREEN bus to Amphoe Phen. The green one takes you directly to Ban Nong Phong while the orange one stops in Amphoe Phen and you will need to take a Tuk Tuk.

Arriving at Amphoe Phen
When you are at the green bus you do not leave the bus at the bus stop. It will stop for 20 minutes and will bring you directly to us. If you took the orange bus then leave the bus in Amphoe Phen, most volunteers take the Tuk Tuk, (next to the bus station in Amphoe Phen). It is a nice ride and the price from Amphoe Phen to us is maybe 130- 160 baht for 17 km distance. We can also pick you up from Udon Thani with our car if we are available. However, we need to charge you 1000 Baht for the fuel/car maintenance because it is a 150km drive (Taxi would be 1400 Baht)

A volunteers stay is Euro 114 / week, full board
What is included - Organizational:

  • Internship / volunteer work 2 weeks up to one year
  • Evaluation of competences, project placement in the V2T project
  • Invitation letter to apply for the visa for Thailand provided (non immigrant O Visa for volunteers stay 3 months +)
  • Registration with the public partners, such as school, hospital, Ministry of Labor (including, provision of documents)
  • Assistance during travel preparation, comprehensive travel ABC,(vaccination protection, insurance, security) individual advice
  • Online support, 24h emergency number
  • Certificate of participation / internship In Thailand
  • "On the fly" orientation program, integration into the ongoing Projects
  • external staff (cleaning & maintenance twice a month)

Supply in V2T Volunt2Thai:

  • Accommodation, stay at Volunt2Thai Volunteer Village
  • Shared bungalows, equipped each with 2 bunk beds, spring mattresses, bedlinen, and mosquito nets
  • Community kitchen, refrigerator, electricity, water, gas, basic food provided (rice, meat, vegetables)
  • External shower and toilet facilities
  • Bicycles (for volunteers), V2T vehicle fleet, (car, motorcycle, TukTuk)
  • Library, teaching material, stage, music system, musical instruments
  • Language café

Not included:

  • Visa costs and application
  • Vaccinations
  • Travel and travel cancellation insurance
  • Taxi airport transfer Udon Thani to the V2T   camp (1000 Baht approx.€25)
  • Private expenditure on site
  • Public transport and extra transfers
  • All accommodation outside the agreed accommodation

*) V2T is an aid project and not a hotel. Nevertheless, we consistently strive to comply with the standards listed to the best of our knowledge and belief, but they are without any legal guarantee.

Every Volunteer have to apply via application form at our website. We will ask you for a letter of motivation, your CV and a copy of your passport. Visa requirements vary depending on the following factors: your purpose of travel, length of stay, nationality and place of residence. All volunteers need to ensure they have a passport that is valid for 6 months from entry.

It is not necessary but pending on your assignment recommended. It can be helpful when working on things for the organisation and doing research for your projects. It might also be helpful for you to plan your trip if you have one. There is no computer provided in the village. You can decide whether to bring your own computer according to your needs.

There is no wifi provided in the village. To access internet and make phone calls, you can bring your own mobile phone but make sure your phone is “unlocked” and works with a Thai SIM card.
You can buy a calling and data package from one of the big three Mobile network operators which all have booths in the airport. Usually, after the card is put in the phone, you wait a very short time and you’ll get a welcome SMS telling you the service is activated. The staff will help you. You can also get them at places like convenience stores, shopping centers, supermarkets, and any phone sales booth. To get internet access for your computer, you can just create a hotspot from your mobile phone.
A Thai mobile number is very affordable and is great for keeping in touch with other volunteers as well as home. For international calls ask for a specific activation or prefix. Please note, the country code of Thailand is +66.
We have had the best connectivity with “True” SIM cards in this area.

Thai Baht (THB). We recommend checking out the most current exchange rate before your departure.

Manage your Money:
We recommend bringing no less than 200 USD or Euro to keep in case of emergencies, and a VISA or Mastercard credit/debit card to withdraw cash in the local currency at every ATM. The nearest ATM is in Amphoe Phen (17km). You can also exchange money at the airport. Cards are not accepted in the village, so make sure to get enough cash for your time at the village.

To withdraw or exchange your money:
It would be good to have some cash on you when you arrive at the airport and exchange it. However the rate is not that good so don’t change more than 100 euros. There are also various ATM machines at the airport where you can withdraw money if you have a credit card(Visa/Mastercard) or an Union Pay ATM card.

Be aware that there are NO ATM machines in the village where you will be staying. The closest one is a 30 minute drive away. When withdrawing money it would be advisable to get a larger sum since there is a service charge of 50 - 180 bahts for every withdrawal by your bank.

V2T Village Guide


and welcome to Volunt2Thai Project. As you may already now, our goal ”is to help farmers and families, particularly the children, of the villages to build a better future. To achieve this, we teach them foreign languages and general knowledge.” To make it even better we are now on the way to built a learning and recreational center for disadvantaged chlidren in the V2T village. This is where the real magic happens :).

We guess that you are tired from the travel and need to just rest and adjust yourself into the new place, but let this little guide book make things easier for you. So under is listed things that are good to keep in mind:

  • it is expected that you act independently and responsible, ask if you are not sure, you are not allone
  • make your bed, keep everything clean, V2T Village is your home while you are here. If you need linen you can ask them from Raimund, but better you bring your own set of pillow, linen sheet, blanket (you can buy this at any supermarket)
  • remember to keep the bug net always closed, so the bugs won't bother you (at least too much) when sleeping
  • you can keep the two windows open but remember to pull curtains infront. Do this when you are just about to jump in bed and ligths are closed
  • don't leave the door and windows open when the light is on and it's dark outside this is a straight invite for the bugs to come in
  • you pay the second part of your fee (food money) to Raimund/Linly when you arrive
  • if you need to go to the ATM to pick up money or buy a wifi tell that to Raimund (closest ATM is a bit further away)
  • please tell us if you have some allergies or a limited diet, that makes it easier for us to pick up the right food. You are welcome to cook your own meals at the V2T villages kitchen. You and the other volunteers can make somekinda cooking and meal plan
  • if you need to wash your clothes you wash them with hands on the village
  • lock doors and windows when leaving the V2T village
  • take care of your house key


  • when it's dark don't keep the lights on no longer than needed (again the bugs will come and take all over the place)
  • the water which comes from the shower and sink is not drinking water (drinking water is available in the kitchen)
  • please do not drop toilet paper in the toilet, put it in the garbage.


  • it's easier to do things when it's clean, so please when you see that something is in the wrong place or it's really dirty, put it in the right place or clean it up, as wipes we usually use old pieces of clothes, when done with wipeing wash the wipe and leave it to dry
  • the houses floor (and the floor outside) is good to wipe with the dry floor brush every now and then, when it's a warm day you can wipe the houses and the terrace infront of them with a mop
  • it's good to have a list about different tasks that needs to be done and put a X -mark on it when it's done
  • talk with each other so you are all on the map of the works
  • when you are done cleaning, wash the cleaning equipments and put them nicely somewhere to dry


  • keep the garbage bags that are outside high so the dogs won't come and destroy them,
  • we want to keep V2T village as clean as we can, so please put your garbages in the bag
  • when there is much garbages we will burn them – there is no other way to get rid of them


  • we move mostly with bicycles
  • bicycles is to keep locked when not using
  • be aware that there is only one key to the chains lock so decide how you keep it open and who has the key
  • we want to keep good care of these bicycles, so treat them well, clean them and maintain them
  • if somekind of a problem comes with your bike (for example you need to get the saddle more lower or lift it up) there is a bike fixer near to Ban Nong Khung school. It's good and really cheap!


  • we hope that you enjoy! If there is anything on your mind about the projects please tell them, we have many projects here, so your ideas are more than welcome!
  • look around and think what you could bring here, like to do somekind of hand work? Want to cut the grass? Clean the windows? Build something? Tell us your thoughts!
  • we all are here to help, so lets do this together. In the evenings it's nice to sit down and talk with each other about the days' experiences. And remember that you are not alone, this is a team work :).
  • to make things happen we need money from donors. We would appreciate it greately if you could bring this NGO- volunteer project in to the light with your friends, family, social media..
  • feel free to explore the environment! But we suggest that you do it in the day time. Going around other villages in the night time is not recommendable,
  • we have come a long way with this project and it has needed lots of hard work. We hope that you appreciate what we all have done and understand that we cannot get things in here just like tha
  • people are really nice and caring, you will enjoy your time in here :).


  • settle down and rest for a while if needed
  • doors has to be always closed when leaving the V2T village
  • do not drink the tap water
  • lock bicycles when not used
  • take good care of the bicycles and all the other stuff in the village (keyes!)
  • keep the village clean
  • leave shoes outside
  • dont throw paper in the toilets
  • keep your own stuff in a good safe, dont leave them outside
  • tell us if you have anything on your mind or some ideas
  • bug nets is to be kept well around beds
  • close the lights in the night time when not needed (especially in toilets/shower and houses – close
  • windows and doors when it's dark and you have the light on)
  • all kinds of donations are more than welcome and spreading around the information about this project can help us a lot.

We hope that you learn new things in here, maybe grow as a person, experience, see and feel this different culture without judgement and appreciate how lovely the villagers welcomes you in here. You surely have good memories to take with you when leaving and the villagers will remember your input to make their lives better. We all have something to give for each other.

****** Big Thank's to Hanna from Finnland which wrote this manual for us ******

Please feel free to contact us if you have any more questions. We are looking forward to hearing from you info(AT)

Volunteers hand wash their clothes. There are hanging lines and bambooes under the roof. We also have hangers available. 

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