Weekends at V2T

Working the whole week with the children is a very fulfilling task but also a challenge it can be tough and you need a break. As the working week runs from Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday is considered the weekend for volunteers. During the weekends, volunteers have spare time and usually just relax in the village or take the opportunity to explore other parts of northeast of Thailand. Nevertheless, there are a lot of things to do in Udon Thani and some appealing tourist attractions to view, volunteers can book weekend trips for themselves.

Besides this being that you are in a rural village, which offers many special events and activities you never know what will pop-up. There is no set schedule here and the villagers do not have the same concept of a weekend here as in the West. There may be nothing to do Saturday morning, but by the afternoon your day may fill up.

  A small selection of Places to Discover

The Red Lotus Sea (Talay Bua Dang) at Nong Han Kum Pavapi, a fresh water lake in Thailand's Northeastern province. It is about 45km south east from the Udon Thani ring road and it's now one of Isan's top attractions, but few Westerners make it there. It is a unique natural attraction that it is home to millions of lotus flowers and only a boat ride away.

Short Trip to Laos - Pha That Luang
Volunt2thai Campus is only 50 kilometers from Laos. On your
journey you will cross the Mekong River. Vientiane, is Laos' national capital, mixes French-colonial architecture with Buddhist temples such as the golden, 16th-century Pha That Luang, which is a national symbol. Along broad boulevards and tree-lined streets are many notable shrines including Wat Si Saket, which features thousands of Buddha images, and Wat Si Muang, built atop a Hindu shrine.

Wat Pa Phukon
You can pay a visit to Wat Pa Phukon. This temple circumscribes nearly 400 acres of lush forest, and as a result, is a tranquil locale for Buddhist meditation practice. Wat Pa Pukhon was built recently and is already famous for its breathtaking location and its majestic reclining Buddha statue. It is an impressive location with an amazing building structure. The statue was carven out of 43 blocks of gleaming white Italian Carrara marble and weighs between 15 and 30 tons. The temple is situated in Na Yung District, 120km from Udon Thani.

Wat Phu Thok
Phu Thok, meaning "Lonely Mountain" in the Isan language, is a 359 m high isolated hill in the northeastern end of Isan, Thailand. It is located in Na Sabaeng Subdistrict, Si Wilai District, at the centre of Bueng Kan Province.

Kham Chanot Forest 
It is located in Kham Chanot a haunted forest on a lake, believed to be the border between the human world and the netherworld. Thais come to this place to pray to buddhas, nagas and spirits and ask them for good luck and prosperity. Real ghost or just a hoax? Find it out during a visit.

Phu Phra Bat Historical Park
Phu Phra Bat is a historical park in Ban Phue District, Udon Thani Province, Thailand.
The park's distinguishing feature is its unusual rock formations around which religious shrines have been constructed. Thousands of years ago, prehistoric man wandered around in this area. They left behind rock paintings made in red color depicting various animals and people. A number of very old Buddha images placed in the caves shows the caves were used as ancient temples. Phu Phra Bat Park is nominated for Unesco Heritage Site list.

The listed tours are only a small selection of possible destinations, there is much more to see. V2T is not a tour company, we do not offer tours but if all volunteers agree and if there is time we can use our fleet to take a trip every now and then. The costs for the transport must then be shared among the participants.


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