The Realization

All what we do and whatever we do it's all about the children. Many children in Isan living without their Parents for a variety of reasons, including: parental separation, domestic violence and neglect, disease - including, increasingly, AIDS. Individual, family members are often forced to leave their children and their elderly for longer periods of time, in order to travel to urban centers or abroad to work.

Many of the people who leave fall into a life of crime and prostitution. Our work here is supported and realized through the help of volunteers. Different to SOS Children's Villages model where children are grouped into a house with an SOS mother, the children get our care but sleep with the remaining family members in the villages around.

Volunt2Thai works as a center from whereof the carers/volunteers stay in touch with the children and families through the partner schools, join public activities, and educational activities on our campus.

With the presence of volunteers and through ongoing projects with the villagers, new structures are created which will allow further development of the area.

Volunteers get the opportunity to take part in interesting new experiences and new knowledge is acquired through cooperation and collaboration with the villagers. Volunteers get a practical introduction to everyday country life and help in the ongoing projects. They will learn and practice traditional crafts, gain knowledge about nature, culture, and will get an introduction to the Thai language.

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