Volunt2Thai work with the villages

Volunt2Thai is a unique opportunity for you to learn. The people of the village have known each other for generations. They grew up together, live together and will also be buried together. Everyone knows each other’s life stories of joy and sorrow. The Buddhist life of the community characterizes everyday life.

We devote our volunteer work as a thank you to the village community which, open-hearted and warmly, welcomed us and allowed us to integrate into the village life. We have a respectful partnership with the village and the villagers will show you special attention.

The number of voluntary helpers is being kept deliberately low so not to interfere with daily routines and the intimacy of the village.

As a volunteer you are given the chance to help build and become a team member of a quickly emerging Rural Development Project. You can apply your knowledge in various fields such as agriculture, medicine, sports, construction, education etc..

Through your input Volunt2Thai is growing and prospering continuously and developing into a sustainable organization. Your ideas concerning the project and its further development are always welcome.

The people in the communities, especially the children, benefit from the education and contact with you "Westerners". This creates an incomparable win-win situation for everybody involved.

One thing has to be said: You have to be aware that this is an Rural Development Project and that certain expectations have to be fulfilled by you.

You will have to cope with difficult situations and probably leave your comfort zone on various occasions. Through your volunteer work you will have unique experiences in the social field, as well as developing your own social skills. In the end you will be rewarded with an experience that will greatly influence you and your character.

After your stay you will be happy and grateful to have made the decision to contribute to this project. Not only have you evolved on a personal level but you have also drastically changed the lives of the local people for the better.

On top of that the money you spend here directly creates additional income for the local families.

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