Help to create a future for the children

Volunt2Thai is a village development project with a focus on children. Because in Thailand, especially in North East Thailand people are very poor. Individual, family members are often forced to leave their children and elderly for longer periods of time, in order to travel to urban centers or abroad to work. The situation is very bad for the development of the children who are left behind without their parents.

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The children have to take care of their siblings and  of the old people as well. The school system is barely developed, the Schools are in need of material and teachers. Therefore Volunt2Thai's most important task is to provide those underprivileged children a chance for education. We do this  via volunteers, which we send to the schools we work with. 


At V2T Campus & Cultural Centre we welcome people from all walks of life whatever your age or experience. As a  volunteer you will live independently in a commune surrounded by Thai villages we work with and take responsibility for your own day to day life within the campus. Your primary task as a V2T volunteer will be to interact with the locals and provide support at the schools teaching basic English language skills through games and classroom work. 

We provide three wheeled 'taxis' (tuk tuks) which you will drive by yourself and use to reach our various projects, including the 6 schools within our current area of responsibility (an area of approximately 10 square kilometres)

Read what people think about V2T, reviews and testimonials (French / English) and volunteer testimonials/projects Get off the usual tourist trails and experience authentic rural Thailand with Volunt2Thai.

V2T Campus consists of a number of bungalows, a modern Communal Kitchen incl. Herb Garden, a Language Cafe, an elevated Natural Life Resort building with a Family Room, a Art&Craft Workshop (including Pottery/Kiln), Seminar Corner and a Library. The complex is integrated within a traditional farm at the edge of a rice field and surrounded by similar farms and small villages. 

You will have the unique opportunity of seeing village life at first hand and experience a culture that has little changed over time. In return for what must be an unparalleled volunteering experience in Thailand, you will have the chance to give something meaningful back to the community through your work teaching the children and adults English.

Whether you are interested in volunteering after college, just made your TEFL, TESOL & CELTA certificate, need practice to become a teacher or Interest in joint intercultural learning. You may think about sabbatical for local engagement or maybe you need some orientation for a new job or training for a Social job.

Students, Professionals, Retirees & Veterans, we accept voluntary helpers all year round for teaching English, music, art & crafts in addition to sports both during school term and at V2T summer school at the village temple. In addition, we also offer participation in projects in agriculture & construction and you may also be required to help organize events, seminars, and training days at the V2T campus.

V2T is the project of the people in our area. The program is led by V2T but is also supported by the local village mayors, school directors, teachers and district authority representatives.

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