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As a volunteer, you get the possibility to work and learn, with a great variety of things. You will work with the locals and gain knowledge through practical work. Your skills and experience will be used as an important component of the cultural exchange program.

Volunt2Thai builds bridges of knowledge, skills, culture and friendship between people of all ages from different cultures. Our location in a Thai village far from the tourist routes, is dominated by family values and the village’s daily life is still very much the way it has been for centuries.

Together with the village council and the village community, we have developed a concept for our "Generation to Generation" project. Our "Generation to Generation" project works like this: The villagers will teach you their culture, traditions and their specialist knowledge in certain fields and with the help of the locals you will get insight into skills and activities passed down through generations, all while helping the community.

You work with the community, establish new friendships and have the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences. There is no upper age restriction. The work input is up to each volunteer’s personal strength and ability.

Non-mandatory assets are: First Aid certification, TEFL/CELTA certification, Thai language classes, previous teaching experience, previous farming experience, previous NGO/volunteer work, etc.

The Villagers

The people of the village have known each other for generations. They grew up together, live together and will also be buried together. Everyone knows each other’s life stories of joy and sorrow. The Buddhist life of the community characterizes everyday life.

We devote our volunteer work as a thank you to the village community which, open-hearted and warmly, welcomed us and allowed us to integrate into the village life. We have a respectful partnership with the village and the villagers will show you special attention.

The number of voluntary helpers is being kept deliberately low so not to interfere with daily routines and the intimacy of the village.

Project Overview

Volunt2Thai is based in Ban Nong Pong / Ban Nong Kung in the Ban Lao Tambon near Amphoe Phen and Udon Thani, in the northeastern province of Thailand, which is renowned for its beautiful lakes, forests, rivers and historic sites. This is where orientation and general administration is carried out. Volunteer projects are located in the surrounding area. A vibrant exchange between foreigners and villagers will take place get directions

Program Start Date and Duration

Our program starts when the volunteer arrives and lasts for the length of time determinated by the volunteer. You can choose to stay for two weeks all the way up to one year. On the day after arrival all volunteers receive a program orientation and are given the opportunity to rest after meeting the other volunteers and team members.

Orientation covers everything you need to know for your volunteer program including an introduction to Thailand, the village, Thai customs, rules and expectations, safety, points of interests in Isan and the surrounding area and introduction to the running projects. The orientation will also give you a chance to meet other volunteers and swap contact details for weekend travel and socializing.

Example of Possible Daily Life

In the morning Depending on the daily tasks, groups will be formed to go to the school to teach or with the farming families to the rice paddies, forests, waters, construction places and farmer’s homes (according to the season).
  • 07:00h Shower, breakfast and morning meeting
  • 08:30h Dividing into teams, go to school - others (pending on project)
  • 12:00h Lunchtime, eat and relax, depending on the project site
  • 13:00h Work continues on the project site.
  • 15:00h Work at the placement ends and the evening is then free to be used for your own pleasure.
  • 19:00h DInner (volunteers cook by them self in the campus kitchen)


As the working week runs from Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday is considered the weekend for volunteers. During the weekends, volunteers have spare time and usually just relax in the village or take the opportunity to explore other parts of northeast of Thailand. Nevertheless, there are a lot of things to do in Udon Thani and some appealing tourist attractions to view, volunteers can book weekend trips for themselves.

Being that you are in a rural village, you never know what will pop-up. There is no set schedule here and the villagers do not have the same concept of a weekend here as in the West. There may be nothing to do Saturday morning, but by the afternoon your day may fill up.


Volunteer Requirements

Volunteers must be minimum 18 years of age at the beginning of the program and serious about working. While it is possible to have lots of fun here, this is not a "vacation."

Thai authorities require a clean criminal record, but exceptions can be made after the interview process. As an organization we are obliged to forward a copy of your criminal record to the Thai authorities in Udon Thani. The volunteers therefore need to acquire this information by the relevant authorities in their homeland.

We do not accept sex-offenders under any circumstances.

Volunteers must have adequate travel insurance and a valid Thai Visa. Visa rules sometimes change we will gladly offer you our support if needed.

Please read our Terms and Conditions and Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy conscientiously.


At the end of the stay volunteers get an official confirmation certificate from our organization as proof of your active participation. This certificate can be presented to potential future employers, and thus have a positive impact on ones future career.