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Hello everyone,

I'm Delphine from France. In 2015, I took a big decision that changed my life: I took a sabbatical leave to go on a round the world trip. However, I wanted this travel to bring me further than only the usual touristic places. I wanted to discover in depth some countries, the culture and the people and give some of my time.

I left home in March 2016 and arrived in Ban Nong Phong in May. I spent few weeks at the Volunt2Thai village and went to the temple every morning to teach English. It was a challenge everyday to teach some basis in English to children speaking Thai only. Even if I'm not a teacher, I enjoyed this challenge. Also I'm convinced that education is very important to succeed in life, weather you come from a rich country or not, a high social class or not.

During the time spent in this village, I learnt a lot from the people I met, from teaching and interacting with the children. It was a richer time than what I could ever imagine, this is why I continue to support Volunt2Thai. You may also witness various events: like burials, which are not sad events in the Buddhism religion or join a villager working in rice fields...

Today, these Thai students need our help, you can volunteer like I did to support the English lessons or give any type of help. For sure, you will always be welcome with a nice Thai smile

If you want to chat, join me on the Facebook page VOLUNT2THAI FRANCE,
https://web.facebook.com/V2TFrance I would be happy to help you.