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Marion Blanchard

Volunt2Thai Head of Communications- France



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Hi, I am Marion, I’m Head of Communications for France,

one morning, I woke up and I said to myself “Marion, you are 26 years old, it is time for you to take a break in your busy life and travel!” As I have to describe myself, I am a french girl of 26 and I work in Marseille, as a commercial for a hotel chain. I love life, people, animals, the nature, unexpected things, good meals, sun, sport, travelling, the waterfalls (it is magic), snorkeling, hot showers, marchmallows with a good campfire... I took a 4 months time off from my job to make a trip in Australia and Thailand from mid June to mid October. In Thailand, I wanted to know the true daily life of Thai people, that is why I have decided to become a volunteer. I have now the feeling to belong to a big family! You will have the oportunity to experience a lot of things as teaching english to children but also working with O' in her restaurant, delivering rice, cutting bamboos...

If you want to chat, join me on the Facebook page VOLUNT2THAI FRANCE,
https://web.facebook.com/V2TFrance I would be happy to help you.