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Céline Robertson

Volunt2Thai Head of Communications- England



  • I'm currently travelling
  • England

Other information

Hi everyone!! My name's Céline,

I’m Volunt2Thai Head of Communications for England, I'm half English and half French. I have a French degree in law, with one year on Erasmus in Ireland which really made me want to spend some time out of what some people call the "real world" and more time travelling in what I call the "real world". This year of travels I hope will be full of adventures, discoveries and life changing experiences. This is why I try to spend most of my time in volunteering projects such as V2T, but also being a real tourist sometimes! I love to sing and play music, dance and laugh, the most important thing is to enjoy life no matter what happens and stay positive! So if you have any questions, suggestions or just want to chat and know more about the Volunt2Thai project I’m always happy to help.

Contact: https://web.facebook.com/V2TEngland