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Mads Skaanning

Volunt2Thai Head of Communications- Danmark



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Hi everyone! I’m Mads,

Who am I:
Traveller, eco-volunteer, chef, part time teacher and lifetime student.
Born in 1988 and grown up on Fyn, Denmark, studied technical design, robotics and gastronomy finally finding my calling as a trained chef in 2014.
I started travelling the world in January 2015 to experience and taste the world through working as a chef, volunteering and general travelling, starting in Australia and then moving on to South East Asia. The driving force behind my travels has mainly bin to learn of different cultures and their cuisines.
Volunteering in several different places I can honestly say that V2T is the place where I feel I make the biggest difference and you can get as close to the locals as you wish, the people here are very friendly and open so all it takes is to wear a YES hat.
Life here is basic but good, don’t expect anyone to clean up your mess, everyone at the V2T village is responsible for making it a nice experience for themselves and others, again with the YES hat.

contact: https://web.facebook.com/V2TDanmark