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Carlos Buenrostro

Volunt2Thai Head of Communications- Mexico & SA



  • City of Mexico
  • Mexico

Other information

Hi everyone! I’m Carlos, sawadi-krap

I’m Head of Communications for Mexico and Central & South America, so if you have any questions, suggestions or just
want to chat and know more about the Volunt2Thai project I’m always happy to help.

Hola a todos, soy Carlos, Director de Comunicaciones para México y Centroamérica, cuenta conmigo para cualquier duda que tengas o por si quieres saber un poco más del Proyecto Volunt2Thai. In addition to English, I obviously speak Spanish plus French and Portuguese so don’t hesitate in contacting me.
My experience in Volunt2Thai:
Volunteering has always given me more than I can give, with this in mind and the will of doing something different the summer after college in 2016 I decided to enroll in such a great project. I contacted Raimund and set everything out for a two-month adventure in Southeast Asia, 1 month of travelling and 1 month volunteering.

Volunt2Thai is a wonderful place that enables you to understand the Thai culture and give the best of you to help improve the life of lots and children and a whole community. With people of different places, an amazing beautiful place in the Thai countryside, and a whole community of welcoming people, the project exceed my expectations. It was obviously challenging to teach a bunch of children and to adapt to such a different context but it was very rewarding. This project challenges you, defies your previous understanding of the world and gives you a terrific insight of how to work with a whole community and deliver a positive impact in society.
A bit more about me:
I studied Chemical Engineering in Mexico City and studied abroad for a year in France. Nowadays, I work as a consultant for The Boston Consulting Group and I dedicate part of my time to help this project grow. Apart from the volunteering experience I had in Volunt2Thai I also enjoyed the opportunity to travel in Southeast Asia after that and will happily share any advice with you.

contact: https://web.facebook.com/V2TMexico