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Jason Chen

Volunt2Thai Head of Communications- Singapore



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  • Singapore
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  • Singapore


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Hi Everyone,
I am Jason, Head of Communications Singapore. I was a volunteer in 2016 and am currently actively seeking for individuals and organizations that are interested in volunteering in a less developed village.
Volunt2thai is a new, budding organization that seeks to develop various aspects of life in the village of Ban Nong Phong, with a particular focus on developing the education and agriculture sectors. The villagers here are warm and friendly to the foreigners. The village is particularly safe, as everyone knows each other.

We would be glad to have more individuals to volunteer for us.  Any creative or practical skills are welcome.  Knowing Thai language is NOT a pre-requisite.  You can offer your services to the village by teaching English and Mathematics, helping the farmers with manual work, or simply helping out with the daily chores of village life.  You will learn about the simplicity of a village life, far away from the bustle of a city.  Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to take in the mesmerizing scenery and taste the locally produced food unique to the village like bamboo, mango, and glutinous (sticky) rice.

Therefore, I warmly invite you to be part of this family. Alone we can do little, but together we are strong. Your volunteering will help changing people’s lives and make a better world.  I hope to be connected with you in a near future.
If you are a corporation or educational institution and want to initiate a project we could offer collaboration (we have an already built education resource center on hand) from which you can conduct concrete researches in a wide range of fields. With your much needed expertise and injection of resources, it could kick start a long-term growth that would leave a lasting impact on the village.