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Jennifer Siu

Volunt2Thai Head of Communications- Hong Kong



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Hi Everyone,
I am Jennifer, I am Head of Communications Hong Kong. I was a volunteer in 2015 and now taking a role to communicate with volunteers mainly from Hong Kong and Mainland China.
Volunt2thai is a very new, growing organization which helps villages in north east of Thailand in different aspects. Life is simple there, very ordinary and close to nature.We live in a village with other villagers being our neighbours. Villagers, school kids and teachers are always friendly and welcoming.

I am thrilled how fast the project of Volunt2thai is growing!! There was only one volunteer house, and we just slept on thin mattresses on the floor. I am so happy to see the volunteer village is much well-established now, with bunk beds and other facilities. Am also very glad to see many volunteers with different expertise have been there, teachers, medical nurses, therapists, etc, which means different people in the villages get help.

I warmly invite you to be part of this family. Alone we can do little, but together we are strong. Your volunteering will help changing people’s lives and make a better world. Hope I will be connected with you in a near future.