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Benjamin Menküç

Project Manager, Coach, Honorary Associate



  • Dortmund
  • Germany

Other information

Hi, I am Benjamin.
My main qualifications are Engineering and Medicine. After high school I have studied electronic engineering in Germany at TU Berlin. After graduation I was the cofounder of a software company that produces software and hardware for automotive diagnostics. After staying in the company for one year, I sold my shares and studied medicine (from 2008 - 2014) at the Ruhr University Bochum in Germany. Since then I was working in the research field of medical genomics and also as an OBGYN resident in a German hospital.
I first came in contact with Thailand in 2010 when my friends convinced me to join them on a trip after we passed the first big exam of our medical studies. At first I was very skeptical, but after a short while I really loved the country. Since then I spent several clinical electives in Bangkok and Chiang Mai hospitals and travelled to almost every part of Thailand. Currently I am working in Germany, but my connection to Thailand is still strong and I am regularly in contact with Thai friends and also several research labs and hospitals.
I joined the Volunt2Thai project because I think that there is still a lot of potential in the countryside of Thailand. Before joining this project I had already visited several schools in Isaan. The atmosphere there was very good, but they were really lacking teachers and teaching material. I hope that with a better education, the children from the country side will be able to lead an independent life without having to move to big cities and work in order to earn money and sent it home to their parents. In order to achieve this, new forms of value creation in rural areas need to be established. Volunt2Thai are currently in communication with private industries and universities in order to contribute to science and research in these areas.