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Raimund Wagner

Initiator and Founder, President Volunt2Thai Österreich - Verein zur Förderung freiwilliger Arbeit



  • Ban Nong Phong
  • Thailand


  • +66 814 068 380

Other information

Hello volunteers! I am Raimund ☺

My name is Raimund Wagner and I arrived in Thailand as a very young man. I quickly became fluent in Thai and began working as a consultant for different Thai industries. A few years back I left the business world behind and I now use my skills and experience to work for a community of people who need help progressing into, and learning the skills necessary for, the 21st century.

My goal is to improve the situation of people in the region through the long-term education of children in foreign language and computer skills, and provide a better understanding of the world to accompany the growth of children and increase their opportunities in the labor market significantly. To achieve this goal, we need volunteers, who want to teach English at preschool through high school levels as well as administrative assistants/interns in the NGO/non-profit fields, nurses and hospital workers, and volunteers for agricultural, building and craft projects.

Through working with the locals and engaging with the temples and monks, you will learn about local heritage, culture and traditions so as to better understand how to help this society progress into the 21st century in a way that is conducive to keeping their history, culture and traditions intact as they progress into modernity. Your help is needed and valued by many people.

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