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Pattabless Bless

Honorary Associate



  • Ban Nong Phong
  • Thailand

Other information

Hello volunteers! I am Pattabless, Bless ☺

I am a primary school teacher in Ban Nong Khung school and support you during your stay as a volunteer in teaching. I work in the various school volunteer projects together with you and help if you needed something.

Actually, I was born in the city, but here for my son and for the children I have decided my work in Ban Nong Khun to compete. I am Thai woman, as such, I am well acquainted with the country, people, culture.

In addition, I also speak English, thus I can help you in the classroom.
I and my colleagues from the Ban Nong Khun school are you eager to offer advice and practical help. Should you elect to the Ban Nong Khung school to stay as a volunteer, you will meet me here on site.

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