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THANK YOU Wasserbett-Zentrum Wolke7 GmbH

V2T needs to be equipped with all kinds of music instruments
THANK YOU Wasserbett-Zentrum Wolke7 GmbH

The V2T Village stage and library is is on its way to be ready soon!

([we still need some support for the concrete floor if someone want to help :) ]) but a good thing has happened and we want to say thank you to Wasserbett-Zentrum Wolke7 GmbH in Germany - thank you for the first musical instruments which will be used in the library and the stage, a heartfelt thanks from all of us, as you can see everyone is very happy!! Enjoy the short clip

If you are in Germany and want to buy a good bed - ask Wolke7 Wasserbett-Zentrum first http://www.wolke7-team.de , wow such nice beds - you realy should have a look

Volunt2Thai is now Partner with the Austrian Government supported Organisation WeltWegWeiser / Jugend Eine Welt.

Great news!
Volunt2Thai is now Partner with the Austrian Government supported Organisation WeltWegWeiser / Jugend Eine Welt.

Contribution to funding: WeltWegWeiser grants subsidies to volunteers which are domiciled in Austria, up to 500 Euro (provided when they meet certain criteria).

It is funded by the Austrian Development Agency, der Österreichischen Entwicklungszusammenarbeit. Jugend Eine Welt is a carrier organization, which has many years of experience in the management of foreign assignments.

Visit: http://www.weltwegweiser.at/volunt2thai
Volunt2Thai ist nun Partner der Österreichischen staatlich gestützten Organisation WeltWegWeiser / Jugend Eine Welt.

Finanziert wird WeltWegWeiser von der Austrian Development Agency, der Österreichischen Entwicklungszusammenarbeit. Jugend Eine Welt fungiert als Trägerorganisation, die selbst über jahrelange Erfahrung in der Betreuung von Auslandseinsätzen verfügt.

Achtung! Beitrag zur Finanzierung: WeltWegWeiser vergibt Förderungen in der Höhe von 500 Euro an Freiwillige mit Wohnsitz in Österreich, sofern sie gewisse Kriterien erfüllen.



than just a library; it will also be the centre of the V2T community. Many of our volunteers and local villagers are culturely gifted and the library will provide a great opportunity for them to come together and learn from each other.

It will be a multipurpose building with space to store books and teaching materials as well as a stage equipped with lights and a music system for performances by volunteers and pupils.

There will be a variety of foreign language events involving all sorts of entertainment including: musical performance and singing, magic, dancing, juggling, theatre, lectures, film screenings etc. Volunteers will be able to use the facilities to deliver presentations, telling stories about their travels or giving talks to the local population about their countries of origin. When not in use, the stage will double as a sun terrace for the volunteers; a perfect place for relaxing with a book, creating lesson plans or listening to music in front of the library.

please support our cause
Accounts for Donation: www.betterplace.org/p27619
PayPal: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Eisvė and Justinas from Lithuania, wrote a wonderful article about V2T

Eisvė and Justinas from Lithuania from @longwelive wrote a wonderful article about V2T

Justinas is a photographer. He discovers and captures people, places and expressions to show specific moments and emotions for you in our blog. He also creates unique pictures for weddings, pre-weddings, events, business and Stock images.

Eisvė is a writer, who believes in the tremendous power of a well-told story. She writes content for this blog and she loves to share her passion by telling stories from people met all over the world. She concentrates on differences between cultures, untold stories, variety of food and some tips and tricks for a wonderful travelers.

You can read their blog at http://www.longwelive.com/stories/ban-nong-phong-volunteering-experience

In the name of V2T and the people of Ban Lao Area we would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to Eisvė and Justinas @longwelive

Volunt2Thai 8. of November 2016 at the exhibition/fair at the Karl Franzens University, Business & Career Fair EXCELLENCE 2016 (Austria Graz)

Wo?: Karl Franzens University
Wann?: 12.30 - 13.45
Wer?: Volunt2Thai, Gabriela Kleesadl (stellvertretende Vorsitzende/Volunt2thai Österreich)

Aktionsbereiche: Asien Entwicklung - Freiwilligenarbeit

Volunt2Thai - Verein zur Förderung freiwilliger Arbeit richtet sich an Freiwillige, Studenten_innen, Auszubildende, Pädagogen_innen, beruflich Tätige in Bereichen soziale Arbeit, Land- und Forstwirtschaft etc., wissenschaftlichen Einrichtungen, sowie alle Personen, die sich in einer beruflichen Neuorientierung befinden. V2T bietet Mitarbeit für Freiwillige ausschließlich bei eigenen Entwicklungsprojekten und ist im Rahmen der Projekte weltweit tätig. V2T unterhält ein eigenes "Adopt a Village"-Hilfsprojekt in Thailand (Freiwilligendorf©). Dieses Projekt unterstützt seit Start 2013 6 Dörfer / 650 Kinder, deren Eltern aus wirtschaftlicher Not nicht anwesend sind - gesamt 1200 Menschen. Die die NGO Sessions werden von NGOJobs.at organisiert.