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Progress, V2T Cultural Center

Progress, Cultural Center and platform for all kinds of projects - expanding the V2T Village,

the 2 floor construction of the multy purpose building is in progress. The building will be used for workshops, e.g. local traditional craftsmanship will be shown and taught by the old experienced villagers. (The old people can pass on their knowledge and they also get a financial compensation for their time)

Besides this we will held seminars and slide lectures, (e.g volunteers can introduce their countries / hometowns of origin to the children/students). Another extra is that it can also be used es additional accomodation with removable walls.

If there are no events then one can just relax, read a book or watch TV (at the second floor or the ground floor.) The first floor can also be used as a shelter against the sun and multy purpose area e.g a ping pong table.