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Volunt2Thai Partnership with "Worldwide Volunteers" / weltwärts

"Worldwide Volunteers" and Volunt2Thai has entered into a cooperation. A overview of the services offered by "Worldwide Volunteers" Arbeitsgemeinschaft Freiwilligendienste im BFP im Auftrag des BFP - can be found here in German Language. V2T - itself remains as organization neutral areligious

One of the services listed is "weltwaerts" but also "incoming" (The motto is "Foreigners welcome!" Within the framework of the BFD, young people from abroad are offered the opportunity to work in Germany in a social or church project) which brings V2T massive new opportunities for cultural exchange.

The cooperation "Worldwide Volunteers" elevates V2T to get support by the German Federal Ministry, for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Volunteers in Germany can now apply to stay with V2T in Thailand for a so called "social year" (Entwicklungspolitischer Freiwilligendienst weltwärts)