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Volunteer Fair 2017 in the Vienna City Hall

V2T is registered, visit us at our booth! http://weconas.wixsite.com/v2t-austria

MAY 13th 2017 - Free Art & Crafts Workshop at V2T Village

At MAY13th 2017 a free Art & Crafts Workshop for children will be held at V2T Village in collaboration with the teachers from Udon Thani International School (UDIS) at V2T Village. We will have a lots of wonderful activities like Graffiti Bubble drawing fun, Rangoli Art, and more. You are invited to join and even can bring your children to share a beautiful day making art with the children of our villages. Everyone is invited to bring food and soft drinks to share with the others. Kitchen, stove and barbecue oven is available.

Volunt2Thai Partnership with "Worldwide Volunteers" / weltwärts

"Worldwide Volunteers" and Volunt2Thai has entered into a cooperation. A overview of the services offered by "Worldwide Volunteers" Arbeitsgemeinschaft Freiwilligendienste im BFP im Auftrag des BFP - can be found here http://wwv.bfp.de/uebersicht-dienste in German Language. V2T - itself remains as organization neutral areligious

One of the services listed is "weltwaerts" but also "incoming" (The motto is "Foreigners welcome!" Within the framework of the BFD, young people from abroad are offered the opportunity to work in Germany in a social or church project) which brings V2T massive new opportunities http://wwv.bfp.de/incoming-35 for cultural exchange.

The cooperation "Worldwide Volunteers" elevates V2T to get support by the German Federal Ministry, for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Volunteers in Germany can now apply to stay with V2T in Thailand for a so called "social year" (Entwicklungspolitischer Freiwilligendienst weltwärts)

Volunt2Thai 15 May 2017, for the first time at the University of Vienna

15 May 2017, for the first time at the University of Vienna, the Volunteer Fair for Students and High School Students, the #YOUNGVOLUNTEERS 2017.

V2T is registered I am looking forward for your support. http://www.freiwilligenmesse.at/youngvolunteers-2017-fast-a…

#Biogena Tree Donation - V2T Village got a wonderful tree at the entrance of the village!

Tree Donation - V2T Village got a wonderful tree at the entrance of the village!

We would like to thank the Austrian #Biogena Naturprodukte GmbH & Co KG for the sponsoring of a tree for V2T, please visit https://www.biogena.com - It is a great honor for us, thank you very much for this wonderful present, we are very happy

We also want to say thank you to our guests from the Board of the Ministry of Education and the members of the Udon Thani Expat Club. We say thank you to the mayors from the villages and to the directors of the schools in our area for coming.

Also the children have been invited, we offered them soft drinks and biscuits and we had prepared English lessons. We had tree-leafs made from metal sheet where they children wrote down their desires, their dreams and what they want to become when they are grown. This tree-leafs are now displayed In the village. .

Thank you #Biogena , a tree is a living monument, which will bring many people shadows and joy, for many generations. In near future we also want to organize a bench there for people waiting for the bus at V2T’s own Bus Stop.