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Welcome to Volunt2Thai

Volunteers of all ages and from all walks of life are welcome!

You will live at V2T Campus & Cultural Centre and be involved in the daily life of the six villages in our surroundings. As a volunteer you will have the unique opportunity of seeing village life at first hand and experience a culture that has little changed over time. As a thank you, you are able give something meaningful back to the community through teaching the children and adults English.

Volunt2Thai Community and Social Development Project
started in 2014 in the northeastern region of Thailand (Isan) with the aims of helping farmers and their families and to encourage the development of the region with particular emphasis on guiding the children of the villages to a better future. V2T has since grown and with the constant expansion of its network, it has become a Campus & Cultural Center and platform for all kinds of projects.

One cannot not communicate
Every behavior is a form of communication. Because behavior does not have a counterpart (there is no anti-behavior), it is impossible not to communicate (Paul Watzlawick). The purpose of your stay is to influence the reality of the children with the influence of your presence in such a way that when they grown up will be able to act in a wide intercultural dimension with world understanding and determine their destiny. In simplest terms "you are supposed to give them knowledge and good memories".

Beeing Ambassadors to develop Yunus Social Business Centres (YSBC) globally
V2T has taken the responsibility to implement Dr Yunus 3 Zeros i.e. zero unemployment, zero net carbon, zero poverty in schools according to school curriculum priorities and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) through a process of STEMSEL Invention for Social Good. This all is done with support from Dr Yunus Community Ambassadors (DYCA)


Collaborative partnerships with NGO’s and educational institutions
Volunt2Thai works with a wide range of partners in all of its fields of competence for the development of different projects taking place at our project sites. In contrast to the project Volunt2Thai which concentrates its efforts on the development of the comm unity with particular focus on the children, the association's aim is to promote and support the volunteer engagement of youths and adults and in so doing, contribute to the development of international cooperation and understanding.

V2T, Volunt2Thai - Volunteer to Thailand is an Austrian association
and has its headquarters in Vienna (Volunt2Thai Austria – Association for the promotion of volunteer work). Among our partners is the state aided organization "Weltwegweiser" (“Jugend eine Welt"), supported by the Austrian Development Agency (Agentur der Österreichischen Entwicklungszusammenarbeit). Through our cooperation with "Worldwide Volunteers”, German volunteers can receive sponsorship from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), allowing them to work with us for a so called "social year" (Entwicklungspolitischer Freiwilligendienst weltwärts). Additionally students can apply for a scholarship in combination with internship at Volunt2Thai.

The association can provide the tools and challenges in a variety of spheres to aid and support students, apprenticeships and national and adult education programmes, allowing the potential of volunteer workers to be realised. Additionally, we hope to contribute to science and research in these areas.

So far, we have received volunteers from the following countries: USA, France, Vietnam, Germany, Scotland, Australia, Israel, Switzerland, England, Italy, Austria, Hong Kong, China, Netherlands, Brazil, Norway, Mexico, Faroe Islands, Pakistan, India, Costa Rica, Spain, Portugal, Latvia, South Africa, Brazil, Singapore, Argentina, Canada, Malta and New Caledonia, with new countries frequently being added to the list.



Now to you:
You already made it to our site, showing that you are an extraordinary spirit. Exactly what we need. Contribute, everything you need is:

  • your motivation
  • your knowledge
  • your mind

You can't imagine what your knowledge and your mind can change here.

The presence of volunteers will drastically change the lives of the people in the villages over the next ten years and beyond. The current generation of six-year-olds will be educated in English, receive a general understanding of the world and acquire new insight into foreign cultures. This will positively influence and accompany them in their personal development.

We also hope our project will attract attention for longterm economic growth in the village. The fundamental objective is to ensure that the children of the villagers have the same opportunities of career choice and international, transnational activities as their counterparts in the western world. We want to promote the exchange of cultures and give the farmers and their families the opportunity to share their valuable knowledge.

Not only will a fair, additional income eventually be procured by farmers, but also negative developments such as the exodus of the younger generation to major cities will be stopped in this economically very poor region.

Your help would be greatly appreciated in, but not only, the following areas:

  • Kindergarten to secondary school (teaching, art and sports)
  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture Projects
  • Construction and crafts
  • Organizational planning

We want to promote the exchange of cultures and give the farmers and their families the opportunity to share their valuable knowledge.

Volunt2Thai - a unique opportunity for you

Our project is still in its early stages and constantly evolving. As a volunteer you are given the chance to help build and become a team member of a quickly emerging aid project. You can apply your knowledge in various fields such as agriculture, medicine, sports, construction, education etc..Through your input Volunt2Thai is growing and prospering continuously and developing into a sustainable organization. Your ideas concerning the project and its further development are always welcome.

Currently the volunteers have the opportunity to teach the children English. The lessons will be held at local schools and temples. In the future we intend to educate the students in German as well. Furthermore, we are trying to create sustainable agricultural projects in collaboration with the local farmers.

The people in the communities, especially the children, benefit from the education and contact with you "Westerners". This creates an incomparable win-win situation for everybody involved. On top of that the money you spend here directly creates additional income for the local families.

One thing has to be said: Life here is not easy, neither for you nor for the people living here. Your life here will not be like a stay in a youth camp. You have to be aware that this is an aid project and that certain expectations have to be fulfilled by you. You will have to cope with difficult situations and probably leave your comfort zone on various occasions.Through your volunteer work you will have unique experiences in the social field, as well as developing your own social skills. In the end you will be rewarded with an experience that will greatly influence you and your character.

After your stay you will be happy and grateful to have made the decision to contribute to this project. Not only have you evolved on a personal level but you have also drastically changed the lives of the local people for the better.

The Realization

Our goal is to better the life in the village and the region. The area is being developed with our help so that it may generate sufficient income for the local families, without which, individual family members are often forced to leave their children and their elderly for longer periods of time, in order to travel to urban centers or abroad to work. Many of the people who leave fall into a life of crime and prostitution. Our work here is supported and realized through the help of volunteers.

With the presence of volunteers and through ongoing projects with the villagers, new structures are created which will allow further development of the area.

Volunteers get the opportunity to take part in interesting new experiences and new knowledge is acquired through cooperation and collaboration with the villagers. Volunteers get a practical introduction to everyday farm life and help in the ongoing projects. They will learn and practice traditional crafts, gain knowledge about nature, culture, and will get an introduction to the Thai language.


At the end of the stay, volunteers get an official confirmation certificate for their active participation. This certificate can be presented to potential future employers and therefore have a positive impact on ones future career.